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Different problems different solutions. We stand by your client until all is solved, 24/7

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When problems occur, your client needs help. This is a responsibility we take most serious and we are proud of the reputation we have. You can rest assured that your client is not alone and will get the support he needs.

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We are a consultant, executor and guardian for those businesses that have guests with travel plans throughout Indonesia. Diligent and caring, whether a simple ticket or a complex group itinerary.  We represent your service level while your clients are here. All include but not limited to flights, accommodations, transfers, tours, airport services, documents handling. Priority is your client’s wellbeing.

Online platforms do not plan itineraries

Online platforms do not search for convenient connections

Online platforms do not help you with check in problems

Online platforms do not help you with lost luggage

Online platforms do not have connections in airports

Online platforms do not refund immediately

Online platforms do not care

Online platforms do not…


We have an extensive tour portfolio all around Indonesia. We provide city tours, day tours as well as overnight tours not only in our back yard South Sulawesi but also in many other destinations like Borneo, Papua, Sumba, Sumatera, Java, Bali, Flores, Lombok and others. Standard and customized.

We have liaisons in all airports to help your guests. Group check in, visa on arrival, VIP arrivals, fast track, luggage handling, wheelchair assistance, everything your guest might be in need off.

We have our local transport suppliers in all locations throughout Indonesia

Many of our business partners send their guest to a liveaboard or dive resort. We are well connected with them and notify them directly if the incoming guests have relevant travel changes. We keep hem informed.

We follow the refund policies of our suppliers. If you are entitled to a refund, we will refund you according their terms and conditions. This means we return the refunded amount to you after we received it from the supplier.  If you intend to use the refund for a new booking, we add the refund directly to your credit. In this case no need to wait for the supplier.

For the regular bank transfer, we use bank accounts in 3 currencies; US dollars, Euro’s and Indonesia Rupiahs. We can also provide a credit card payment link or TransferWise account.

We do provide credit to agents that do regular bookings with us. The conditions to be determined in deliberation.

We are here to support your clients in any way we can. This is a responsibility we take most serious and we are proud of the reputation we have. We help to communicate, give advice and propose solutions to the best of our knowledge. We stick with them as long as needed and keep you in the loop where possible. We provide you with a 24/7 emergency phone number (English speaking)